This was once a valley of ashes


7 Common, Flux Factory, Queens, New York City, November 2017

In the shifting landscape of an increasingly globalized world yet and increasingly xenophobic governing bodies, an emphasis on commonalities is key. Across boundaries and borders there are key daily moments of shared empathy and listening. Whether a bartender across the hardwood table of a pub in the UK, a multigenerational family in southern Mexico sharing lunch, old friends catching up over a sweet and coffee in a morning fika in Sweden, construction workers in Long Island City waiting behind the counter line at a Bodega — food and it’s production binds our ever increasingly connected lives together.

So together with Josefin Vargö (Stockholm), Will Owen (NYC) and Louise Hobson (Cardiff) I’m about to return to the mother ship Flux Factory, New York City throughout November to examine artistic strategies within food politics, societal culture and commuting in the unique setting of Queens and its 7 train.

From 34th Street, Manhattan to Main Street, Flushing, we’ll be creating collective narratives of North western Queens, its people and its food. We’ll be creating and hosting gathering spaces where we can come together to learn about our individual palates and recipes and where or how these assumptions and habits have been established.

Using the 7 Train route as our ‘dinner table’, we’re interested in offering experiences that move food from inattentive consumption, to a time and space in which the eating happens after you hear the story behind the dish, and the recipe, or the people who made it.

More info as it unfolds…


This project is generously supported by Konstnärsnämnden -The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Wales Arts International.