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Month: September, 2012

So the forthcoming show coincides with October’s Flux Thursday, a monthly potluck dinner and art salon, and I’ve got a slot. So I’m preparing a talk loosely connected with the themes of the show. It’s going to be called Success: How bad do you want it?…

Taking inspiration from a series of motivational youtube videos, as well as some posters I saw on the wall of the swimming pool I use on Roosevelt Island, I’ll be meandering through athletic motivational tools, how to succeed and how to measure success; Here in the states it seems a good sign of individual success is how many streets you have named after you. Behind JF Kennedy, Roosevelt and Columbus you can now add Queens local boys Run DMC to the list, how cool…

Angela Jimenez. From Racing Age series

So the project’s line-up is confirmed! Hope you agree we’ve got a strong and dynamic bunch. The publicity machine is underway so it’s all systems go, there’s an outline of the show here –

The opening reception is shaping up to be performative too, the participating artists form a broad flux-spectrum which goes;

Current Fluxers———–Recently ex-fluxers ———–Long ago fluxers ————-NY based artists who have never had anything to do with Flux————-Wales based artists

Which pleases me greatly.

Curating Wales based work (in part) from afar is an interesting process. There’s a degree of separation which lets you think about the work coming out of Wales in a particular way. It’s sort of more objective somehow. The task of re-appropriating it with work coming out of NY has led me to ponder about the strong dynamic of work going on in that little country of ours. Anyway, this young man is one of many who’ve been setting my brain ticking…   

Oh and there’s two Wales-based folk doing things right here in NY over the coming weeks;

Holly Davey – TELEGRAMS ON THE TABLE: SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2012 –

Helen Sear -ARTIST TALK & BOOK SIGNING – September 15th 2012